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About Us

The Logan Washboard Arts & Music Festival is an annual event that celebrates everything to do with a unique piece of American history: The Washboard! 


Here in Logan, Ohio we are proud to be home to the last operational washboard factory in the United States, the Columbus Washboard Company. While the washboard has a distinctive place in our history, you may be surprised to hear that it still has a firm place in the everyday lives of thousands of people around the world.


Today, the Columbus Washboard Company sees its products shipped all over the world. Whether it is to soldiers on deployment to wash their clothes, as a decorative piece of artwork, or to create that distinctive washboard music sound, the washboard is an historic object that has found its place in the modern world. 


With that enduring spirit, we gather every year over Father’s Day Weekend (Thursday through Saturday), to celebrate all things washboard. In addition to getting to know the history of the Washboard and touring the actual washboard factory, you’ll also find amazing craft vendors and some delicious food at our many trucks and tents, all while listening to music from one of our three stages. 


If you’re looking for art, we have an entire Art Center dedicated to showcasing the talents of artists from all over the country. You’ll find live stone carving demonstrations, painting, photography, and more. The arts center will be capped off by a live art auction on Saturday afternoon. 


We want to welcome you to historic Logan, Ohio, in the heart of the Hocking Hills, and we hope you enjoy celebrating one of our favorite town gems: The Washboard! 

Meet our Board and Volunteers!

Board Officers
Drew Davidson, President
Carol Goss, Treasurer
Heidi Rimkus, Vice-President
, Secretary
Board Members
 Bailey Simons     Marilyn Poindexter     Shaun North     Audrey Martin
Trish Riggs     Judie Henniger     Amy Kline
Abby Rose     Cassie Thompson     James Martin
    Jacqui Barnett      Bill Boone     Andy Good
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